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A Realtor You Can Trust

My Family means the world to me, and I’m sure that you would say the same as yours. That is why I would be honored to serve your family as you look to buy or sell a home in the Fredericksburg Area.

Contact me today so that we can discuss what it looks like to buy or sell a home for you and your family. 

My 3 Core Values

What drives my Real Estate Team

Everyone has values. What you value is what helps make you who you are. It is these 3 Core Values that make our team who we are.

  1. Integrity
  2. Promptness
  3. People

This is what we value and this is who we are.

If you are looking for local and professional service as you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Fredericksburg Area, then look no further. We are here for you. 

3 Steps To Buying A Home

Simplifying The Home Buying Process

Are you interested in buying a home but intimidated by what that means? Maybe you are overwhelmed and have a lot of questions on what to do if you want to buy a home. If you can relate then this post is for you. In this video I break down the home buying process into 3 simple steps. Listen to this video and you will have a better understanding of what to do if you are looking to buy a home.


My 3 Highest Priorities

Every person, whether they know it or not, has values. These are the things that matter to you more than anything else. All businesses have values and they are reflected in the everyday decisions that are made. In this post I want to make it very clear to everyone what I value and how those values guide my everyday actions.

Values Image


1. People- I’m in the People business and I happen to help people sell/buy Real Estate. Your goals, dreams and desires are my priority. I’m here to serve you in order to MOVE you to your desired outcome. Whether you are looking to sell your home to make some money or get out of a bad situation, if you are looking to move to a home that makes more sense for your family, or if you are looking to make some investments that will create passive income for you and your family, I will value you above all. When it comes to people they say that there are 3 things that you never mess with; their family, their finances and their home. In Real Estate we are involved in all 3 of those areas and at the same time, nonetheless. You matter. Your story matters. Your life matters. You matter to me and I’ll prove it to you everyday.

2. Integrity- In my opinion there is only one way of doing business and it’s “honestly.” You can trust me because I will be honest in every aspect of my business. I know that there is a common distrust towards salesman in our culture. Real Estate Agents are in the same breath as car salesman in our culture, people don’t trust either. Let me assure you that you can trust me. Prior to my being a Realtor I was a minister. My faith and my values have always been very important to me and I can promise you that you will have noting but 100% honesty from me in all things as we venture through the Real Estate process together. You can trust me because I value Integrity and will build the foundation of my company on it.

3. Promptness- Selling/buying a home is a big deal. This will most likely be the biggest transaction that you will make in your life and it also happens to include the people that you care for most in your life. With that in mind, I will always make it my goal to be prompt in all that I do. I’m sensitive to the fact that this is important to you and your Family and responding with promptness to all things is at the top of my list of priorities. I will make communication with my clients a priority. If you call me and I’m unable to answer then you can bet that I’ll be calling you back at my earliest convenience. I respect you and your time and will do my best to respond accordingly.
*These are my values in Real Estate. These are the things that guide my everyday actions. As your agent you can rest assured knowing that I’ll value these things above all else. I hope you consider me as you look to sell/buy your next home.
If you would like to ask me a question regarding anything to do with Real Estate then call me at 540-847-3332.

James Bauslaugh – Fredericksburg Area Realtor (Website Change)

Strictly Real Estate From Here On Out

Dear friends and family,

Over the years I have used as a website that gave me a platform to use my voice for ministry purposes. Most of you have noticed that I haven’t used this website in quite some time. The Lord has taken me through a season of transition that I am very excited about! I am still in ministry but it looks much different than before. As most of you know, I’m no longer a minister at Fairview at River Club. I am now a full time Realtor at MacDoc Realty and one of the top agents in the Fredericksburg Area (I’ve sold 37 homes in 2016). This does not mean that I’m out of ministry at all. I view my entire life as ministry. But my purposes for this website will now change. I encourage you all to continue to follow me, if you wish, but if you don’t than I understand! I love you all and I appreciate you “following” me up until this point. If you want to know more about my website from this point on you can read below to find out more! Hope you all are doing well!

……..My new ABOUT page……..

Welcome to my website James Bauslaugh- Fredericksburg Area Realtor

This is my personal blog focused on helping you sell and/or buy your home.

You can expect posts that range from a variety of topics that cover Real Estate. I would be honored to help a potential seller, buyer and/or renter in making the next decision on where you move next. I’ll also be posting about different events, business, historical sites and new happenings in the Fredericksburg Community. I may be a little biased but I think that Fredericksburg is an amazing place to call HOME!

I believe that your life matters. Your story matters. I consider being your Realtor as a great honor and privilege. If you, or someone you know, is looking for help with any of your Real Estate needs then contact me so that I can be of assistance. I look forward to serving you!